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Welcome to Galactic Age

Galactic Age is a persistent browser-based game based in space.

This game is currently under development and hopes to one day become a very popular browser based game. Galactic Age is a science fiction fantasy game based in space played directly on your browser. No downloads!

During this testing phase many things will be changing and being added to the game. If you have any questions or troubles please email the admin/creator.

The basis of this game is to grow and claim your corner of space, if that be through conquest or through economics the choice is up to you. There will be rounds that will last from anywhere between three months and six months with the scoreboard saving each time so that you can track your progress and have bragging rights to others.

Game Announcements

Development Restarted -- 10/16/12 14:17:34

Just so anyone that finds the site I have begun development on the game again.

The world was reset.