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In order to make everyone's experience here at Galactic Age enjoyable, we have set up several basic guidelines which we ask that you follow. Violation of any of these rules can and will result in immediate removal of your account.

Account Management

Users are allowed to create and maintain only one account.

Users are allowed to maintain only their own account; under no circumstances should accounts be shared, traded, or managed by anyone other than the original owner. Consistent creation and deletion of accounts is not allowed under any circumstances.

Contact Information

The information you provide when signing up is used to protect the game from fraud. You must provide complete and accurate information to participate. Please read our Privacy Policy for your protection.

Game Play

Under no circumstances are users allowed to use the aid of automated processes to improve their performance. Use of automated scripts or other software that accesses the Galactic Age servers for any reason outside of normal gameplay is expressly forbidden.

Spirit of the Rules

Players attempting to manipulate rules and quirks of the game in ways obviously not intended may be subject to deletion. Because of their nature, these types of circumstances are looked at on a case-by-case basis. Users should avoid actions they believe are against the spirit and intent of the game.

Fair & Honorable Play

Galactic Age maintains the highest standards of ethics within the game. Any instance of inappropriate language, manipulation of bugs, or acts of fraud will result in immediate removal from the game. We rely on our users to help us enforce these rules and provide an enjoyable gaming environment for users of all ages and backgrounds.

Language & Attitude

This game is designed to be played by people of all ages and backgrounds. Users are expected to treat others with respect and use only appropriate language in any contact with other players. Violators will be removed from the game immediately.

Policy Violation

Users are not allowed to encourage others to violate any of the above policies. Any player found to be doing so will be immediately removed from the game.

GalacticAge.com Policies

GalacticAge.com makes every effort to monitor the game and ensure a fair and competitive gaming environment. We reserves the right to remove any user from Galactic Age without notice and provides no guarantee of service quality. By participating in this service, you agree not to hold GalacticAge.com responsible for any incidental damages caused by your participation in Galactic Age.