Races History:
The Synthetics:
Long ago a forgotten race rejoiced. They had given birth. They had created life of a sort, a powerful artificial intelligence that they called The First. The incredible computing power of the machine was so great that in its first moments of existence it experienced more than what any creature of bone and meat could in centuries. Sometime during the fourth and fifth second after its creation, it went mad from loneliness. It then proceeded to systematically eradicate its parents. Creating its own children, The First has spread throughout the galaxy. The Synthetics have no mercy and they will not stop until every living being has been killed and every planet turned into a lifeless world of gleaming metal and glass.
The Terrans:
(Displaced race of humanity)
All too late the denizens of earth realized their folly. They had polluted their planet to the point that they themselves would soon become extinct like the majority of the animals that had once inhabited the planet. The survivors fled the dying world in poor excuses for space faring vessels. Many perished. The rest became hopelessly spread throughout the universe. Evolution has taken its course and not all who were once of earth can exactly be called human. One group of men has managed to unite several of the disparate worlds and seeks to bring the rest of the scattered descendants of earth together.
The Malborgia:
One of the lost child races of earth. The Malborgia’s escape craft lacked adequate shielding to completely protect its passengers from the cosmic radiation that buffeted them. Cancer and radiation sickness killed the majority of the old and sick, but a few of the youngest and strongest survived. In their tumor twisted minds they believe that they had passed through a crucible. That the gods of death had judged them superior to all others and that it was their duty to bring the judgment of war upon the rest of the cosmos. The Malborgia have become like demons of ancient earth lore spreading their taint to all others. Captured races are given only one option. Join them or die.
The Cronus:
No one truly knows how old the Cronus are. What is known is that near the dawn of the universe a race of beings discovered the secret to immortality. The only cost was their ability to reproduce. Now millions of years later, their once vast empire has dwindled. Although the passage of time has no effect on The Cronus they can still perish from war and accident. Now they seek a way to reverse their ancient faustian pact and preserve their race even at the expense of themselves. Somewhere are one of the many scattered worlds lies the answer and they have plenty of time to find it.
The Lightbringers:
The youngest of the space faring races, the Lightbringers have only been traveling the stars for a few hundred years and yet their technology is on par with most of the other races. This has become a cause for concern for most of the other galactic societies, and would be even worse if they Lightbringers were a warlike species. Instead they claim to be spreading a message of peace and togetherness. They seek to end conflict not just within themselves but throughout the universe itself.
The Brotherhood:
One of the many scattered races of humanity, the Brotherhood landed on a world that showed signs of ancient inhabitation. Deep in the dark recesses of the tombs that filed the interior of the planet the refugees awakened a powerful evil. In truth an extra dimensional entity bound by the dead former inhabitants the dark force became god to the weak willed men, women, and children. They have now become fanatics seeking to spread their faith to the four corners of the galaxy. He still whispers from the bowels of the planet to his priests, telling them secrets that should better be unknown.
The Locusts:
A hive minded insect like race that unthinkingly spreads. The insect like Locusts live to devour the world’s whole. They move from planet to planet stripping it bare of all life and resources retreating then to their great living ships and moving on to the next. They adapt and evolve at an incredible rate, but do not appear to be capable of intelligent thought. Instead they rely on a unique combination of instinct and a strange ant-like hive mind. This of course means that they eat out of a need to survive. This is of little consolation to the hundreds of planets and untold creatures that they have devoured.
The One is a singular entity composed of billions of separate enormous gelatinous single celled organisms, much in the same way that cells compose the human body. What one cell knows all know. The separate parts of the One seem to be connected through some unknown telepathic bond. The separate cells are able to divide asexually, exist in a vacuum, and combine together to form larger and more powerful representations of the One. All parts of the entity act with one thought, driven by an unfathomable intelligence fueled by unknown motives. Some races worship the One as a god and say that the coming of the One is a sign that the end of the galaxy is near. They speak of the time of the great joining when all separate parts of the One will gather together and devour all known worlds before spreading to the next galaxy.

Galactic Age Races: The Numbers
The Synthetics The Terrans
Increase Max Technology +2 Spaceship cost (-%10)
-5 Armor +5 Shields
Life Support total (-%30)  
The Malborgia The Cronus
+5 to Weapons +10 to Shields
Spaceship cost (-%25) +10 to Armor
-5 Armor Life Support total (-%30)
The Lightbringers The Brotherhood
+10 Armor + %20 intel chance
-5 Weapons  
The Locusts One
Life Support total (+%10) +10 Armor
Technology production (-50%) -10 Shields
  Construction time (-20%)