Technology is the key to becoming truly powerful. Upon mastering technology your ships will be faster, stronger, and more deadly. To gain technology points you must have a technology building. These buildings will produce a rate of pts per hour which can be spent.
Key to Technology:
Keep in mine that the more spacestations you control the more technology points that will be required to maintain a high technology bonus.
Technology: A reference guide
Military Technology:
Armor:Increases armor on spaceships. Armor keep your ships alive longer in battle.
Shields:Increases shields on spaceships. Shields protects your ships from enemy fire during battle.
Weapons:Increases spaceships weapons giving them the ability to cause more damage. The more damage ships cause the quicker they will kill there targets.
Speed:Increases speed of spaceships. Speed allows spaceships to travel faster to and from their target.
Accuracy:Increases the accuracy a spaceships has when firing their weapons. Accuracy allows a spaceship to penetrate shields more efficiently.
Economic Technology:
Money:Increases the total amount of money produced by a percentage.
Metal:Increases the total amount of metal produced by a percentage.
Crystal:Increases the total amount of crystal produced by a percentage.
Fuel:Increases the total amount of fuel produced by a percentage.
Life Support:Increases the total amount of spaceships you're able to produce.